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Caring for your health should be a daily priority, however it’s common, that we only start to pay attention to it when we run into some trouble. That was the case with me a few years ago. Even though I tried to consume healthier foods, I was still struggling with high blood pressure, which was the consequence of coconut oil consumption. It really makes sense, since coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids of more than 90% and increases the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

When I started exploring different oils, it became clear what I needed – olive oil. Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet and it’s the healthiest of oils because it’s rich in anti-oxidants. For a surprise I discovered, that local grocery stores don’t offer a big selection of quality extra-virgin olive oils from Spain. I decided to check the quality of available olive oils in a simple way by placing them in the refrigerator. I noticed that the oils I tested didn’t solidify. This led me to find clean and high-quality olive oils which I had to buy directly from manufacturers. We decided to go on a family trip to explore Catalonia. It was the beginning of


Oils and products which we share here with you today come directly from organic agricultural farms. We also decided to offer vital natural supplements and vitamins that are based on olive oil products and have a particularly strong anti-oxidant effects, that are good for the vascular system and the heart. By supporting your heart, you support your body in general.

I would also like to take this moment to thank my wonderful friends in Spain, Joan Aquilo and Pere Schmidt Lacombe, who have given us good advice and accompanied us in the search for olive oil in Catalonia. Without them we would not have found these special eco-farms.

Everything that we provide here will reach your dining table from the best and most trustworthy of manufacturers. Every product is in our family menu. We know the people who make these products and we are familiar with the production process.

We are convinced that a proper diet can help you overcome health related difficulties and keep you healthy. A small change in a daily diet is all that is needed to raise the quality of life, feel better and be happier.

Great health isn’t guaranteed by expensive, but primarily by healthy and quality food, which should be regular, natural and daily accessible for everyone.  We offer our products at a reasonable price, because we do not have to cover shop managing costs due to being a web-based business.

Make a purchase and we will deliver to your door!
Healthy person is beautiful and happy, that is exactly we wish for you!

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