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Oliveheart® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Alyvium®Supplement With Vitamins & Olive Polyphenols

Oliveheart® Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 25 times more polyphenols than conventional cold pressed oils. 100g Oliveheart® contains 20 mg of vitamin E, which is 167% of the daily recommended amount, ie RDA, 100 μg of vitamin A, which is 25% of RDA.
This oil is not intended for heating, but for taking in, adding to salads or dishes.

Using it 2 tbsp. a day, you have defended yourself against free radicals damage and got plenty of vitamins. Contains a lot of hydroxytyrosol that heals your heart and blood vessels and protects the skin from aging.

Natural food supplement Alyvium® is a combination of olive oil polyphenols, vitamin A, biotin, and riboflavin. Vegan, GMO-free. Contains specific antioxidants derived from olives: hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, and verbascosides. Protects skin and heart, strengthens the immune system.

Alyvium® and Oliveheart® are a great combination for daily use, for youthful skin and healthy heart, in anti-aging care.

Oliveheart® – 2 tablespoons per day, 22 ml (containing 5 mg olivine polyphenols) is the optimal daily dose.
Alyvium® – 1 capsule per day with food. It can be consumed without capsules by adding it to juices, yogurts, smoothies.
Storage: in the dark, cool place. After using, close the bottle immediately to prevent oxidation.


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